In white with rainbow heart design, this facemask is washable and reuseable. Double layer : Outer - printed polyester Inner - 100% cotton.
Adjustable ear loops
Quick drying
Comes in sealed packaging.

Adjustable ear-loops; elastic fabric - comfortable and stylish snug fit. Packed in a sealed bag.

Mask size : 17x11cm 

*non-medical face covering, not to be an substitute for PPE. Wash hands before putting mask on or taking it off. Children under 12 should be supervised by an adult whilst wearing face covering. Not suitable for under 24 months.

Children shouldn’t wear a face covering in the following situations ;
If the child is a baby or toddler (due to suffocation risks)
If face covering poses any choking or strangulation hazards.
If the child is unable to remove the cloth face covering in their own
If the child is having difficulty breathing
If the child is unconscious 
If wearing the face covering causes the child to touch their face more frequently, which increases risk of becoming infected.

Child/XS Rainbow Heart Face Mask